Redline 360c vs. MAXcam 360c

Redline 360c vs Maxcam 360c comparison


ESCORT Radar’s flagship product, the Redline 360c is an exceptional choice for drivers who want high-end performance to raise their awareness on the road. A top-of-the-line radar detector with this many features is obviously hard to beat – but for drivers who want an additional layer of protection, the new MAXcam 360c incorporates a seamlessly integrated dash cam to form the ultimate driver alert system. Why not give your driving awareness a boost with a second set of eyes on the road in the form of video protection? A dash cam radar detector combo offers the best of both, so let’s dive into the details that distinguish the new MAXcam 360c from the popular Redline 360c.

Features of the Redline 360c


Redline 360c comparison


Developed for drivers who expect the highest levels of performance, the Redline 360c is a top-of-the-line radar detector that sets new standards in driver awareness. Redefining your road experience with the highest radar and laser detection features,

  • Extreme detection range - With double the range of the previous Redline EX (and one of the longest-range products available today) combined with 360⁰ directional awareness, you’ll always know when there’s a threat, whether it’s behind, ahead, or around you. GPS location accuracy within 2.5 meters enables AutoLearn Intelligence functionality, which tracks and remembers to silence repeated false alert locations.
  • Faster processing and accuracy - 25x faster processing power delivers rapid response times and alerts, along with Escort’s exceptional accuracy against false alerts such as from Collision Avoidance Systems (CAS), Bling Spot Monitoring (BSM) features, and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) systems.. With regular updates to our In-Vehicle Filtering technology, drivers can say goodbye to distracting alerts and experience uninterrupted driving time.
  • Advanced stealth technology - Stay anonymous while you drive with 100% TotalShield™ technology that allows radar detector usage to go undetected when it matters most.
  • Shared alerts - Pairing the most accurate radar detector in the world with the ESCORT community of other connected detectors and drivers, you’ll be part of an exclusive driving community where you can share and receive real-time alerts, including instant-on laser alerts that would normally be very difficult to defend against.

Driving enthusiasts looking for protection on the road might opt for the Redline 360c, but a worthy alternative that includes video protection capabilities would be the MAXcam 360c, ESCORT’s first-ever complete driver alert system.

How Does the MAXcam 360c Compare?


MAXcam 360c comparison


ESCORT’s newest solution, a radar detector dash cam combo, seamlessly integrates two products into one, merging high-def video recording capabilities with exceptional radar detection performance to give drivers even more confidence and security on the road. The MAXcam 360c offers similar detection range and sensitivity of the Redline 360c because it shares many of the same technology and components. It provides nearly all the above features (minus stealth), plus top-quality video protection.

The quad HD video (1440p) dash cam has impressive low-light performance, capturing crystal-clear footage of the road in front of you and the possible threats of everyday driving. With built-in Wi-Fi, emergency videos can be instantly stored and saved in the cloud, while a gallery timeline gives users the ability to quickly view, edit, and share video clips on their phones. Continuously looping recording means that all videos are saved on the included 16 GB SD card. Not only does the dash cam capture real-time driving footage, you can also set up an emergency Mayday Notification to alert a loved one in the event of a severe impact while also automatically generating an incident report for insurance claims. Drivers also benefit from the peace of mind a dash cam provides when they’re away from their vehicle with Parking Mode, which will automatically start recording triggered based on G sensor activity such as a bump or impact.

MAXcam 360c users can enjoy the all-new Drive Smarter app, which provides shared alerts from the network of connected detectors and drivers, easy management of device settings, and automatic Over The Air (OTA) software updates.

Both the Redline 360c and MAXcam 360c offer laser shifter compatibility with the ESCORT ZW5 and ZR5, allowing drivers to integrate another layer of protection so they can adjust their speed accordingly when faced with a laser gun.

ESCORT’s advanced driver alert systems reinvent how drivers experience the road, and the MAXcam 360c merges the functionality, style, and protection into the ultimate product to enhance road safety. While the Redline 360c may be difficult to obtain these days, the MAXcam 360c not only provides similar performance, it also adds another layer of protection with its dash cam radar detector combo.